Searching for bibliography


My source for searching suitable bibliography for my essay was Internet. As I have no access to library including literature about graphic design, I worked mainly with university online library.

I have been also using search engine to find books and articles related to my theme, which is plagiarisms. This way I found a book called: Copy Paste: How Advertising Recycles Ideas, which I had to order from Amazon, I find this book very valuable for my essay and I could not find it in library or online.

The most challenging part of this activity was to find a books related to plagiarisms, as the one stated above is the only one I could find, which was related to plagiarisms in graphic design. Also the world plagiarism is defining copying in many other fields, like literature. I had to select keywords, which would be linking to graphic design.

My goal is to find suitable material, which will be helpful for my essay; currently I have found few interesting articles, which will help me by getting better idea about selected theme.

Bibliography / plagiarism or coincident ??

When searching for suitable bibliography for my essay, I pop in to many journals with interesting opinion on plagiarism. Mostly negative, is it really necessary to put guild on the designer, when you don’t know why he design it this way?

Few examples I saw so far have been similar, but I wont say they have been copied. I popped in to Paul Wallen’s  article: Design plagiarism: Myth or reality?

As an example, he is including newsletter front page for  The Huntville Times, designed by himself,  and front page of The Clarion Ledger newsletter, which look very similar. By the way the logos of both newsletter look the same, and I guess they have been copied from The New York Times logo, which was designed somewhere around 1900. Paul Wallen used big R instead of picture, accompanied with text and some red detail, if you put the two examples next to each other, they are similar, but the design is not as unique. I would say that it was just coincident. In that article, linked above, you can see the opinion of the artist who “plagiarise”

I can already see some interesting outcomes for my essay. 🙂

Big brands are stealing as well

By browsing the web I found an article saying that fashion brand Zara copied one independent artist’s work. How disgraceful. The artist, Bassen, is describing how difficult it was for her to defend her work. To be an independent artist is hard enough and I wont expect brand like Zara to be stealing from others. They are employing about 600 designers; one of them maybe run out of inspiration and just browsed the web until he found what he was looking for.

Maybe the big companies should be considering who are they employing, I presume that the one designer has more money then the pure independent artist.

I am just hoping that Bassen get some compensation. Here is a link to the full article if someone would like to have a look:

What are my interests as a creative practitioner?

In graphic design is important to learn about new technologies and styles, it is mandatory to know what is happening in creative world.

As a practitioner I am learning how to gain this information. Not only that I am learning and researching facts about design, what makes me a better designer, but I am also learning the way how can I find information and how to process it.

My interest number one is to gain better qualification and make it easier, when I will be searching for a job. On the other site, I am realising, that knowledge is indispensable.

Also when working on projects, I am improving my creative process. When I am following a path I can decide myself, what task helped me to reaching the final design and what task was not use.

When I was choosing theme for my essay, I made sure that information I will be searching for, would be useful for me in my further career. Psychology play an important part in design and when I decided to write about branding plagiarism and the influence on audience, I had in mind, that this will include a big part of it.

How to be more creative

As a graphic designer I am looking for inspiration all the time. You know the feeling when you have a project on the table and you just cannot figure out what to do with it? That happen to all of us and even to the experienced ones. Our head is not a machine and cannot true one idea after another.

Our inspiration is getting from our surrounding, from what we read and what we sea. In this article I will try to help you and tell you what I know about getting inspired.

Important part is to give your brain time to connect one to another. This process is called neuroplasticity, and it is actually the moment when you are resting or falling sleep. Another time when you’re in that stage is, when you’re drunk or high. That’s maybe why so many artists and writers have been alcoholics. This is very interesting part and I am not going to write in deep about it, but you can find links underneath for more information.

Anyway doesn’t matter how you get yourself in to that stage. You still need some info which can your brain process, getting ideas actually mean connecting one fact to another, you may not even realize it but that is how it works. You may of seen a women wearing yellow t-shirt and the next day you just think aaa yellow is actually nice, let’s just use it on the poster. So look around yourself.

When you see something you really like, just make a picture, everyone have smartphones with high quality camera these days, so use them, that is how Callie Hegstrom do it. She is a talented designer behind Make Media. She said:

“I snap photos of gorgeous colour schemes (like flowers, or sunsets), and later sample those colours directly in Photoshop or Illustrator. It’s also a great way to match text or graphics with any photo you’re working with to make sure your work is cohesive.”

Today I saw beautiful Chinese duck in the park, she had such a nice pattern. Remember that nature is the best designer, I am sure that my next design with have peace of the dug.

Go to art galleries and see what other artists have done to become a famous. They are hanging on the wall for a reason. You are not copying them but you are collecting information. Read books about other artists’ techniques.

When you are at the point that you don’t know what to do with the project, ask another people, ideas cause ideas, they can see something that you are missing or they may think about it other way, which is also good. I find it the best to ask someone who don’t have clue about design. Another option is to post your idea on social network, or even here, and wait what will be the reaction.

Thank you for reading my first post ever and wait for the next one.