Woohoo I submitted my essay

I just submitted my essay and I am so happy about it. I have been for a months in papers and reading about plagiarism over and over again. This have been very challenging and I learned a lot. Mainly, in this post, I would like to speak about the technique of writing an essay and the referencing, which I have been struggling with. When I have been writing the first paragraphs I did not thought about the in text referencing, what have been a mistake as I later found. I had to search through that papers I read hundred times again.

I learned about english and how to format a sentence, I would say that when I do not concentrate about it I am writing with my old, wrong written english. Another important task I learned is to reference in Harvard style. I would mention that it is important to follow the university guidelines, as I popped in to few blog posts or websites, which have been speaking about Harvard Referencing Style but showing actually different referencing style.

I started by reading tips on how to write essay and made working routine, as my little boy just learned to crawl and it was rather challenging to find time to write. Somewhere, I don’t remember exactly where, I read that when you want your brain to work and create, is important to create a routine and to work every day at the same time. This way the brain remembers that this is the time he have to work. I started every evening about 8pm and I have to say that after a week I had much better results than on the beginning. To orientate better between the papers, I printed everything out and market important parts, because my essay have three chapters, I used three markers of different colour. Once I had so separated sources I started with chapter one, once I had my chapters finished, I created introduction, conclusion and as last I wrote my abstract. Lastly I did all the images and so on.

I have learned a plenty of new informations when I was doing my research and I have been struggling to include only the parts related to my essay. Another tip I read is to stick to the theme. I included part about inspiration and creative processes but I find them related to plagiarism. I am happy about the result and I would do it again. 🙂

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