Searching for bibliography


My source for searching suitable bibliography for my essay was Internet. As I have no access to library including literature about graphic design, I worked mainly with university online library.

I have been also using search engine to find books and articles related to my theme, which is plagiarisms. This way I found a book called: Copy Paste: How Advertising Recycles Ideas, which I had to order from Amazon, I find this book very valuable for my essay and I could not find it in library or online.

The most challenging part of this activity was to find a books related to plagiarisms, as the one stated above is the only one I could find, which was related to plagiarisms in graphic design. Also the world plagiarism is defining copying in many other fields, like literature. I had to select keywords, which would be linking to graphic design.

My goal is to find suitable material, which will be helpful for my essay; currently I have found few interesting articles, which will help me by getting better idea about selected theme.

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