Bibliography / plagiarism or coincident ??

When searching for suitable bibliography for my essay, I pop in to many journals with interesting opinion on plagiarism. Mostly negative, is it really necessary to put guild on the designer, when you don’t know why he design it this way?

Few examples I saw so far have been similar, but I wont say they have been copied. I popped in to Paul Wallen’s  article: Design plagiarism: Myth or reality?

As an example, he is including newsletter front page for  The Huntville Times, designed by himself,  and front page of The Clarion Ledger newsletter, which look very similar. By the way the logos of both newsletter look the same, and I guess they have been copied from The New York Times logo, which was designed somewhere around 1900. Paul Wallen used big R instead of picture, accompanied with text and some red detail, if you put the two examples next to each other, they are similar, but the design is not as unique. I would say that it was just coincident. In that article, linked above, you can see the opinion of the artist who “plagiarise”

I can already see some interesting outcomes for my essay. 🙂

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