What are my interests as a creative practitioner?

In graphic design is important to learn about new technologies and styles, it is mandatory to know what is happening in creative world.

As a practitioner I am learning how to gain this information. Not only that I am learning and researching facts about design, what makes me a better designer, but I am also learning the way how can I find information and how to process it.

My interest number one is to gain better qualification and make it easier, when I will be searching for a job. On the other site, I am realising, that knowledge is indispensable.

Also when working on projects, I am improving my creative process. When I am following a path I can decide myself, what task helped me to reaching the final design and what task was not use.

When I was choosing theme for my essay, I made sure that information I will be searching for, would be useful for me in my further career. Psychology play an important part in design and when I decided to write about branding plagiarism and the influence on audience, I had in mind, that this will include a big part of it.

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